Aksoy Holding

Founded in 1978, Aksoy Holding operates in three sectors; Oil & Energy, Tourism & Real Estate, and International Trade.

Aksoy Holding carries its Oil & Energy activities via Turcas Petrol (BIST: TRCAS) and its subsidiaries. Turcas Petrol, with a history stretching back 86 years, is an oil and energy focused investment company that has subsidiaries holding leading positions in their sectors. Shell & Turcas Petrol, Turcas’ subsidiary in the fuel distribution and lubricants market operating a network of 1,021 Shell branded service stations nationwide, owning storage terminals, lubricants production and marketing activities, and a 2016 turnover of 16.8 billion TL, is not only a leader of its sector but also one of the largest enterprises of the Turkish economy. In the field of energy, Turcas and its German partner RWE AG commenced the 800 MW Denizli Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant thanks to the 600 million € jointly invested.  Denizli Power Plant is capable of meeting 2% of Turkey’s power demand. Meanwhile, 18 MW geothermal energy power plant investment in Aydın (92% owned by Turcas), with a total CAPEX of 70 Million USD, is expected to become operational by 4Q17. In addition, Turcas plans further geothermal energy power plant investments in Denizli and Manisa. Going forward, Turcas is committed to diversifying its power generation portfolio via further renewable investments.

Tourism & Real Estate is the second core sector of Aksoy Holding. The group which owns the Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus İstanbul’s largest 5+ star hotel, operated by Hilton, is engaged in a range of real estate investments through subsidiaries Aksoy Bodrum Real Estate Investments (Epique Island), Aksoy Maslak Real Estate Investments (Aksoy Plaza), and Aksoy Petrol Real Estate Investments.

Third business unit of Aksoy Holding is International Trade with a special focus on Iraq, Syria and Azerbaijan. Operations in this business unit are carried out by Aksoy International, Aksoy Middle East, and Aksoy Iraq subsidiaries.

While continuing to carry out investments, production, exports, distribution, and trade with its global partners in various industries, Aksoy Holding has embraced the vision of being one of the most admired, dynamically managed, continually growing, and value creating investment companies in Turkey.

According to the consolidated financials of Aksoy Holding, Group’s total assets reached 2,037 Billion TL and shareholders’ equity exceeded 985 Million TL by 2016-end while employing ca. 1.610 people.




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