Aksoy International Trading

Aksoy International Trading, established in 1983 then under Enak name, is today involved in foreign trade and supply services with a special focus on the distribution of lubricants, car batteries, filters and complimentary products in the Middle East (especially Iraq), North Africa, Caspian and Central Asian markets.

Aksoy International acts as the umbrella organization of International Trade business unit of Aksoy Ventures.

Aksoy Middle East Company, established in Iraq in early 2010s, is operated under Aksoy International’s control and coordination in order to create group synergies utilizing shared services such as supply, trade, logictics, distribution, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, international relations, business development, etc.

Aksoy International is the Macro Distributor for several globally recognized brands including Gazpromneft, G-Energy and Rosneft Lubricants, as well as Hyundai and Triomax Batteries. Aksoy International continuously looks for new opportunities and partnerships worldwide to expand and grow its business.

Aksoy International and its subsidiaries employ app. 150 people in Turkey and Iraq with an annual turnover of ca. 30 Million USD.

Date of Establishment: 1983

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