Turcas Petrol

Turcas Petrol, with a history stretching back 87 years, is an oil/energy-focused investment company having subsidiaries with leading companies in their sectors. Turcas’ subsidiary in fuel distribution and lubricants market, Shell & Turcas Petroleum, thanks to its network of 1,011 Shell-branded gas stations nationwide, oil storage terminals, lubricants production and marketing activities, reached to a turnover of 22.2 billion TL in 2017. With this turnover, it is not only a leader of the energy sector, but also among the top 10 largest companies in Turkish economy. In the field of energy, Turcas and its German partner RWE took the 800 MW Denizli Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant, constructed with a €600 million joint investment, into operation in 2013. Supporting Turkey’s network supply security by its high technical capability, Denizli Power Plant is capable of meeting 2% of Turkey’s power demand solely. Focusing on renewable energy investments in recent years, in first phase Turcas took Turcas Kuyucak Geothermal Power Plant into operation in Aydin with an installed capacity of 18 MW in 2017Q4. In second phase, Turcas aims to diversify its investment portfolio in power generation with further geothermal exploration activities in its licences in Denizli and Manisa.

Date of Establishment: 1931

  • AKSOY HOLDING 54.45%
  • OTHERS 45.55%