As Aksoy Holding, with our awareness of social responsibility; to popularize art and culture activities in our country, to promote our country nationally and internationally and to encourage the production of contemporary art works, we are supporting various projects in the fields of ‘culture and arts’.

At the same time, we always consider the expectations of our social stakeholders and act with a sense of corporate responsibility appropriate to the needs of our community. For this reason, we try to make our support in the 'education' field, which is one of the most important issues in Turkish society.

Huseyin Avni Lifij Collection

Restoration, preservation and the exhibition processes of more than 500 oil and charcoal artworks created by Hüseyin Avni Lifij, a valuable Turkish painter of the II. Constitutional Period are managed by Aksoy Holding. Artworks are sent to various exhibitions at domestic and foreign museums. 100 carefully selected pieces reflecting a retrospection of the artist are exhibited in the renovated lobby of the Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel.

Anatolian Scholarship Program

We are delighted to meet 2 bright young people with the opportunity of this prestigious institution within the scope of the "Anatolian Scholarship Program" which is designed for successful needful students to receive full scholarship education at Koç University. Turcas scholars who are placed in the departments of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Industrial Engineering are free to stay in the country, free of tuition fees of school and textbooks during their education period and they get monthly pocket money. The students we invite to various corporate activities come together with our company managers during certain periods and have the opportunity to strengthen the personal ties they have established.

The Anadolu Scholarship Program, under the leadership of Koç University, emphasizes that it is not enough to create equality of opportunity in education and to determine a person's future based solely on the examination system. Although we will continue to open doors to future students who cannot find higher education opportunities in our country's equipped education institutions for economic reasons, who live in various cities in Turkey and whom results of university examinations are very good, and we will continue to support our social sensitivity with sustainable projects.

Kuzeydoğa Association
Predator Mammals Documentary Series

Our support for culture & arts which we regard as one of the most important values of Turkey; continues with supporting a documentary series created by the first Turkish biologist, ecologist and ornithologist Çağan Şekercioğlu, about his work on the ravishing mammals in Kars is the first documentary featured by the BBC in Turkey. Şekercioğlu has been active in promoting both black bears and Turkey's first 'Wild Life Corridor' project to the world which is the first natural life documentary of the National Geographic Channel in Turkey.

With the aim of increasing awareness and efficiency of locals and private sector in the developing world, which are engaged in the proliferation of community-based nature conservation and in the conservation of biodiversity, we believe that this project will be a great contribution to our country in terms of protection and sustainability of local wildlife.