Energy is the core business unit of Aksoy Holding. Aksoy Holding has been involved in the energy sector for almost 40 years since the early 1970s. Today all of the energy investments of Aksoy Holding is owned and managed through Turcas Petrol which is a 51.6% owned and fully consolidated subsidiary. The only other directly invested energy company of Aksoy Holding is SOCAR & Turcas Energy in which the holding owns 24% shares.

Turcas has a unique business strategy. First of all, the company is solely focused on the energy business but with a vision of being an Integrated Energy Company in Turkey. Second, Turcas doesn’t mind being the minority shareholder in the value creating joint ventures it establishes. Reason is that Turcas believes in the importance of scale in the energy business hence partners with top-notch, first-in-class energy companies of the world in large projects which most of the time require being a minority partner. However, Turcas never takes the role of a sole financial investor. Turcas is the selected and preferred local partner of energy majors in Turkey always due to its strategic importance and the know-how it has accumulated in the Turkish energy sector for its existence of 79 years, i.e. since 1931.

Turcas has categorized its activities in three main subsectors of the energy field which are; Petroleum & Petrochemicals, Power, and Natural Gas.

In the Petroleum and Petrochemicals category, Turcas directly owns 30% shares of its flagship subsidiary Shell & Turcas Petrol, 5% shares of ATAS, and 25% of SOCAR & Turcas Energy.

Shell & Turcas Petrol, with a network of app. 1300 Shell branded gas stations, is the leading fuel retail and lubricants company of Turkey, the market leader in gasoline, low-sulphur diesel and lubricant sales. Shell & Turcas Petrol has 3 subsidiaries in station operations and logistics; 100% owned Shell Petrol, 100% owned Cekisan Storage Services, and 50% owned Ambarli Storage Services.

ATAS is one of the largest oil products import and export terminals (if not the largest) on the Mediterranean with 570,000 m3 storage capacity.

SOCAR & Turcas Energy is an oil & gas company with 2 subsidiaries in the petrochemicals and refining business; 100% owned SOCAR & Turcas Petrochemicals and 100% owned SOCAR & Turcas Refining. SOCAR & Turcas Petrochemicals owns 51% of Petkim Petrochemicals Holding (an additional 2.35% of Petkim is directly owned by SOCAR & Turcas Energy), the only petrochemicals production company in Turkey.

In the Power category, Turcas owns 100% of Turcas Energy Holding which owns all the power sector operations and projects of the group such as the 100% owned Turcas Power Generation, 100% owned Turcas Power Trading, 100% owned Turcas Wind, 30% owned RWE & Turcas South Power Generation, and 30% owned RWE & Turcas North Power Generation.

In the Natural Gas category, Turcas owns 100% of Turcas Gas which is one of the first licensed natural gas import and wholesale companies in Turkey.

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Kuruluş Tarihi: 1931

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