Vision & Values

The vision of Aksoy Ventures is to be one of the most admired, dynamically managed, continuously and sustainably growing and value creating investment companies in Turkey with a focused approach on the Oil & Energy, Tourism & Real Estate and International Trade.

Principle values of Aksoy Ventures are; respectability, entrepreneurial thinking, differentiation, leadership, possession of highest ethical and corporate governance standards, and strong partnerships.

  • “We engage only in those activities which we know the best. Constant learning and knowledge sharing with our clients and partners are part of our everyday life.
  • We believe in recruiting the best people, providing opportunities for development and advancement.
  • We protect the heritage and values of Turkey while targeting to contribute to the inclining success of our nation.”


Our business approach is strongly supported by our values which encompass the borders of geography, cultures and generations.


We appreciate open and transparent co-operation with all our customers, partners and business associates. We expect the same understanding from all our customers, partners and business associates likewise. Only openness creates trust.

Mutual benefit

We believe that business has to be profitable to all parties at all times. Only win-win solutions lead to working results in both short and long run. Business has to be profitable and appealing to all involved.


While working across the borders we still act in a decentralized and local manner. Our associates in each subsidiary have a large degree of independence in the daily management of the business. In return a high level of professionalism and reliability is expected. Although demanding towards ourselves we are always ready to support an associate in need.

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