Aksoy Real Estate Investments Inc.

Aksoy Ventures established Aksoy Real Estate Investments Inc. for the purpose of investing in high potential commercial real estate/office assets in Istanbul and fuel station sites nationwide.

In the field of commercial real estate business, first investment of Aksoy Real Estate Investments Inc. has been the acquisition of a brand new commercial flat office building (app. 17,000 m2) in Istanbul designed by the renowned international architectural firm Chapman Taylor (Spain) along with Piramit of Turkey. First investment of the company in the field of industrial real estate business has been the acquisition of 2 Shell branded fuel stations in high profile districts of Istanbul. Second set of acquisitions included2 fuel stations on high profile districts of Eskisehir in 2014.

Aksoy Real Estate Investments Inc. plans to grow with further investments both in commercial and industrial real estate sectors that would create fixed long term income for the group as well as the synergic growth for its major indirect subsidiary Shell & Turcas Petrol.

  • Aksoy Ventures 14.88%
  • Aksoy International Trading 8.10%
  • Pronegy Investments Europe S.A. 77.02%
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