Anatolian Scholarship Program

We are delighted to meet 2 bright young people with the opportunity of this prestigious institution within the scope of the "Anatolian Scholarship Program" which is designed for successful and needful students to receive full scholarship education at Koç University. Turcas scholars who are placed in the departments of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Industrial Engineering are free to stay in the dorms, free of tuition fees of school and textbooks during their education period and they get monthly pocket money. The students we invite to various corporate activities come together with our company managers during certain periods and have the opportunity to strengthen the personal ties they have established.

The Anadolu Scholarship Program, under the leadership of Koç University, emphasizes that it is not enough to create equality of opportunity in education and to determine a person's future based solely on the examination system. Although we will continue to open doors to future students who cannot find higher education opportunities in our country's equipped education institutions for economic reasons, who live in various cities in Turkey and whom results of university examinations are very good, and we will continue to support our social sensitivity with sustainable projects.


Road Safety

Shell & Turcas conducts projects to provide information on this issue which is one of the most important topics of sustainability strategy, ensuring that employees, customers and services are brought together with road safety.

Shell & Turcas’ road safety projects, one of the high priority agenda items of the company’s sustainability strategy, ensure the travel safety of its employees, suppliers, and personnel at logistics firms Turcas works with. The company also carries out projects that raise awareness on this topic among the public. Shell designates one day each year as “Safety Day.” Shell organizes simultaneous “Safety Day” activities in every country where it operates to raise the safety awareness of its staff as well as the people and entities it works with. Nearly 400 Shell & Turcas employees participated in Safety Day events held on April 13th in 2016. Shell & Turcas organizes an annual Road Safety Conference to share its road safety initiatives, knowledge, and experience with executives and employees of the suppliers, transportation firms and logistics companies it procures services from. About 300 persons attended the seventh Road Safety Conference held on November 09, 2016.


Derince Special Education Practice Center

Shell & Turcas turned over its building in Derince to the Kocaeli Governorship for use as a school for children with special needs. The building was transformed into the Derince Special Education Practice Center and Derince Special Education Job Training Center. The Center provides special education to children with moderate to severe learning disabilities.


Energy Boxes

Launched during the 2012-2013 academic year, the RWE & Turcas Energy Box project maintained on a regular basis. “Energy boxes,” which are specially designed lunch boxes that educate youth about energy efficiency, and “Tracking Energy Thieves” booklets were distributed to students during Energy Efficiency Week. Energy boxes have been distributed to all first to fourth grade students of the 16 schools in Honaz, Denizli. The company continues to distribute energy boxes to first grade students each year as a long-term sustainable project. Energy boxes have been delivered to 4,000 children to date.

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